9th International Violin Making Competition 2022

Master violin makers show off their skills

  • As early as about 1700, Mathias Klotz brought the violin making art back from Italy to his home at the foot of the Karwendel mountains.

Today Mittenwald has a perennial musical tradition. This is still evident in the Lüftlmalereien, the artistic mural decorations on the façades of the old houses in the centre of our beautiful town. Since 1989, eight international competitions have already been organized for violins, violas, cellos and bows. Therefore, we are very pleased about the possibility of holding the International Violin Making Competition in 2022, too – even in times characterized by Covid 19.

The town Markt Mittenwald is supported in the implementation of the competition by some active violin makers, the local School of Violin Making and the Museum of Violin Making.


Your International Violin Making Competition team